The Truth About Vaccine Passports


Vaccine Passports


Vaccine passports should be rejected as nearsighted and dangerous. While everyone from totalitarian opportunists, to angry vaccinated people who are tired of lockdowns, to worn-down ICU staff who are weary of being overworked, may applaud such passports as the responsible thing to do, citizens and officials should reject them outright.

Remember that the vaccine passport has nothing to do with the vaccine – it is your new digital ID that will be used to track your every move and punish you if you do not obey. It will be used to segregate, isolate & shame those that the global elites deem not worthy. The digital ID is the social credit score. The social credit score is total state control of behavior, activity, savings and purchases. Covid will fade – but the “vaccine passport” is forever. Literally – it’s the MARK of the beast. Businesses will use it to decide who can enter their establishments. This is no different than the racial & gender & class segregation that is still prevalent around the world. Now they have a LEGAL way to discriminate. Teachers will use it to punish & weaken students, surgeons and doctors will use it to decide if you should live or die.



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Here are some thoughts on the Vaccine Passports you may not have considered.


Vaccine passports are no big deal right? You’ve had both your shots, so not really going to affect your life. Now think about how you are going to feel 6 months from your last shot when your shiny green passport suddenly turns orange?

What’s this? “You are required to get your booster shot. You are also due for your annual flu shot. You have 2 weeks to book your appointment, or your orange passport will turn to white, and your ‘privilege’ of working or entering any pubic buildings will be revoked.” “Huh… I wasn’t going to get a third shot, and I’ve never bothered to get a flu shot before, but what the hell, I’ve gone this far and I’m there anyways, so no big deal.”

6 months later, orange again… “Along with your boosters and annuals, we will now be requiring yearly blood work. Just a standard tox screen and general health check to keep you healthy and those around you. For public safety, we will be keeping your DNA on file. You have 2 weeks to click this link and book your appointment.”

Now ask yourself… Are you ok with the government having compete ownership of your health, your DNA, your kids, and making these decisions for you?

Are you ok with your freedoms being taken away if you don’t comply with their sense of what is “in the public’s best interest”? Maybe you aren’t ok with it this moment, but they will slowly “educate you” with world-class marketing and fear that you are ok with it. Now ask yourself this….

How much would a corporation pay to corrupt a politician into making decisions to add requirements to this system that would net them hundreds of billions of dollars? Pharma forcing every citizen to buy doses, health insurance companies getting access to your DNA info, charging more in “extra premiums”, etc, etc. I mean, every politician you know is a fine, moral, incorruptible, human being, right? Last thought to consider…

If you think that the government is spending billions to develop this passport technology for a “temporary” solution, ask yourself this simple question. “Why don’t they just get you to show your vaccine card? I mean, it’s just till January, right?” They need a way to revoke access, and to add additional requirements at a moments notice. A government doesn’t offer up, to quote Justin Trudeau, “A billion dollars to fund the development of vaccine passports system” just to use it once. Whether you have a “green” passport or not, refuse to show it. Every time you show it, you are giving some future government permission to control your actions. It’s not just “This one event” this “One concert” “This one game”, this is the world you are going to leave behind for your kids.

The power of the passport system is in the public’s acceptance of it. You may agree with the current government’s motivations, but will you agree with the next one?



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